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Daley Ojuederie Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. -  What can I say about Daley. He has has proven to be a decent kind young man but lacks any social skills or confidence. I hope he'll open up about his underlying problems he must have and really become a housemate to remember because since he entered the house he has not contributed to anything as yet.

Week 2.  Daley has yet to come out of his skin. He still remains one of the quietest housemates which could be his downfall and a also a reason for the others to put him up for eviction.
Week 3. I'm starting to feel very uncomfortable about his 'relationship' with the dirty flirty Hazel because Hazel is way out of his league and although Daley is the kind of guy Hazel goes for unfortunately, Daley's mentality (personality) is not her type at all which we'll and she'll soon find out. Daley may look cool, but he acts like a childish weirdo.
Hazel flirting with Daley.

Week 4/5.  Daley and Hazel continue to flirt openly in the house, Now they've been chosen by the public to live in the secret room together! I think bad things are gonna happen but Hazel is not to blame that's why she does not act guilty flirting with Daley. In-fact, Daley made it obvious to her that he was single. He told her he split up with his girlfriend before entering the house so it's Daley who is in the wrong. As Dexter advised him, "You can't have your cake and eat it and then have desert when you leave."
On BBOTS, Daley's girlfriend appeared on the show in tears saying they were still an item. What happens next! Only time will tell.
BTW. He is still being as boring as hell.
Well, time did tell and Daley was removed from the house for being too overly aggressive with Hazel. That's where Daley showed his true colors. If he felt he was NOT being aggressive, why did he not question BB when they told him he was being evicted. like saying, "is this a joke or lie. are you serious BB" No, because  Daley knew he was in the wrong.

Daley Ojuederie KICKED OUT From the Big Brother House

Daleys "Connection" with Hazel has now been disconnected....or not....

Daley defended himself very well on BBBOTS about the situation but I can't help but to think how he would have really acted and behaved if he knew he was not being filmed! You be the judge of that.

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