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Dan Neal Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. - Dan is a great housemate. I like his morals and the values he brings to the house. He knew straight away that Michael was an actor along with Sallie because these two people are probably the  smartest people in the house.
After this weeks suspicions and confirmation about Michael being an actor, Dan has now been accused by a few others that HE is an actor. How will he cope and will he crumble with the pressure and paranoia.? Only time will tell.

Week 2.  Dan is proving to be a worthy contender by not sitting on the fence and telling everyone (especially Jemima) how things really are. I totally agreed with him that Jemima went over the top, exaggerated beyond the pint of lieing about her dead daughter story. Go-on Dan, continue to make her's 'and any other housemate who proves to be a dick' life hell. Dan is another worthy winner,,,,so far!!.
Dan and Jemma discuss Jemma's dead daughter.

BB Task. Dan was hilarious during the BB task when he actually thought Hazel and Callum were placing live animals and insects on him.
Week 2. Dan is such a girl. It seems like there must be a 9 year old girl trapped inside his body. Will he ever man-up?
Week 3.  Deep down Dan knows there is a secret room, but does not want to bore the other housemates with his theories. Too be honest, it's soo obvious there must be a secret room because Dexter and Gina would and should not have been evicted before Wolfy. Plus, the secret room happened in another series and he knows it's happening again.
For being so clever in sussing things out, Dan is chosen to be a detective in a BB task which he passed/solved.

Week 4. Dan was proved right again which has boosted his ego which is nit needed. He is still being a good game-player and along with Jackie, I think will win.
Dan and Joe argue.

Week 5. Dan is a super detective. He, like me has exposed everyone's game plays. I very much like Dan and everything he stands for. I just wish he would just put his truncheon away and have some fun although I can imagine it must be hard work living in a  house where blatant crimes (games) are being played right under his nose and Dan just won't let them lie!.
Week 6. Dan has been evicted to the surprise of everyone. All I can say is, who the hell are those people who decided to save Sam and Sophie!? If they are you, your a fcuking retard. BB is NOT going to be as entertaining as it should be.

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