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Dexter Koh Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. - Dexter has no idea how to chat to woman or chat-up woman, or even hold a normal conversation or do anything without sounding like a dick while he's been in the house. He's too aware of the camera's and has yet to relax and be himself and not think too much before he speaks which is basically being fake!.   

Unfortunately, Dexter is one of those people who people just don't like regardless of what comes out of their  mouth. He is so shallow and pathetic and would be nothing, nothing, without his money.
Week 2. It's official,  Dexter just wants to be loved, by anyone without the need to keep paying for it that is!!.  Now he's up for eviction this week, lets see what games, plans or cards he has to yet to play because he was not happy hearing 10 housemates voted for him.
Week 3. Dexter has been chosen to enter the secret house along with Gina which was brilliant to watch and also, a great choice, but very obvious because BB has done it before and Dan has already mentioned it could be possible.
My feelings towards Dexter has changed and I'm starting to admire his honesty and his game-playing. Let the secret room-games and bitching continue.
Week 4.  Dexter did a great job along with Gina in the secret room. Now he's back in the main house, he is playing a good game and being a good guy which we and I guess he will find hard to believe".
He has confessed to fancying Charlie but she does not believe him. Can he make her trust him. Will she fall in love with him!? Only time will tell.
Dexter tells Charlie his true feelings towards her but she's not buying it....for now...

Week 5. It's finally dawned on me that Dexter IS playing, and has been playing the biggest and best game in the house.. He's a BB veteran and knows what the public like and don't like. First he tried it on with all the ladies in the house who were all not interested and he deliberately got involved in the threesome with Callum and Charlie because he knows how vulnerable and nice Charlie is  (easy pickings)  but they just don't suit each other and too be honest, Dexter claiming to be in love with Charlie will one day bite him in the butt! Lets just hope it happens while they're in the house. He also knows the public like it when someone can change and become a better person while in the house which he is also doing. PLUS, he said to Dan that he would never rule out having a relationship with a guy. So, what has Dexter been doing since? He has been been flirting with Dan. This is ONLY to gain the gay votes! Dexter IS playing a good game but I can blatantly see it and Dan has worked him out too! BTW. Dexter would NEVER sleep with a guy. Trust!.
Note: In the BB rule book it states that fake romances are not allowed or tolerated!!
Week 6/7. 
Callum shows Dexter just what he thinks of him during a BB task.

Week 6/7. Dexter continues to play his obvious games. To some, he's probably  a genuine nice guy whose going on this incredibly journey as someone who went into the house as a bad and nasty individual to becoming a good and caring person. BULLSH*T. The amount of game's he's playing is extensive. He first started trying it on with all the girls.
He then said he loved Charlie which he knew would cause controversy because Callum was also in love with her an he knows the viewing public like a romance so what does he do!? Invents this fake "love triangle".
He has carefully befriended each housemate individually to be liked.
He loves sound bits and gets them in as much as possible so they will appear on the BB shows highlight clips to promote the next show.  An example of this was was when Callum was repeating what Dexter  had said to him when he first came into the house which Dexter had to reply an even louder with the words."If you Callum fcuks with him I will do you".
If Dexter wins the show,,,,,,,what am I talking about?, he will NEVER win because the general public, or the people who decide to vote cannot be that stupid! can they!?

Week 8/9.   Dexter continues to play the game. He will never win because we can all see through his blatant games.
His latest game is being quiet, and keep a low profile while Hazel and Gina fight it out because he they are now in the public eye and one has to go! I doubt, and am afraid it will not be Dexter whose evicted this week.
Dexter continues to harass Charlie playing the "BB ROMANCE GAME"even though she said she's not sexually attracted to him at all. If this guy wins I'll never watch BB again.
His continuous comments about his "going on a journey", and "I've come in as bad guy and will leave as a good guy". He is so FULL OF SH*T" and to be honest, who are all those people who actually believe him and are voting to save him!?

Did you notice that every time he was in the diary room he always used to sit with his arms and legs crossed. Other times he would have his legs crossed and hold onto the arms of the chair. Why you ask yourselves., well, this was to stop any body language experts revealing what he was truly thinking when he was saying sh*t..

Did you see her during the task where she had to passionately kiss Dexter, well, the first kiss WAS on the lips to which Dexter replied "Oh Dear"!! but BB wanted to see more and made them kiss again. This is where Charlie could not bare the thought of kissing him again, the second kiss was actually on his cheek, hence the lipstick marks on Dexter's cheek. 

Dexter and Charlie Kissing

Final thoughts. Dexter came 2nd place.  While out of the house he is still pretending and making out that there could be something between him and WOTLESS Charlie Traver's.

This is purely for any magazine deals that comes his way and to continue his bull story about him "being in love and loving" Charlie. He is a JOKE and THAT'S why he has no friends.....other than the girls he pays for.

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