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Gina Rio Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. -  Since entering the house Gina has really spiced things up, first with her argument with Sallie when Sallie called her a prostitute. Gina the tried to rip off her beany hat but Dan stepped in and calmed things down.
Gina and Sallie fight!row.

Gina and Sallie fight/row continues.

Gina later argued with Jemima after Jemima said she did not date black or Chinese guys to which Gina thought was racist and told her so.

Gina has been voted the most fake housemate, but I don't think Gina is being fake at all. What you see is what you get but she can be more fun which I'm hoping to see.

Week 2. I'm beginning to like Gina and although she's up for eviction alongside Jemima and Dexter she won't be going anywhere in a hurry.
Gina was deservedly saved by the public. She did a fantastic and brave job swallowing the blended dog  meat and fish. see image below.

Week 3. Gina is proving to be a great housemate. The public did well voting to save her and Dexter from eviction and secretly voting to put them in the secret house where she is continuing to do what she does best which is bitch and drink champagne.
Quick clip of Gina and Dexter in the secret room.

Week 4. Gina did a good job while in the secret room. After being told she had to return to the main house she was not a happy Bunny who will miss out on all the treats and luxuries. Let's see how she'll continue to behave and cope  in the main house.  I'm sure she'll still be just as bitchy... in a good way.
Week 5. Yes, she still is being real and a bitch in an entertaining way and has a good chance of winning the show.
Week 6/7. Gina still has the potential to win, but, I don't think she will. Why do I say this?, well, she's being real and also fake. By fake I mean by she says things to the others she would not normally say in real life, but because she knows the public are watching and she knows what we want to hear, that's why she's so brutally honest when it comes to her feelings towards the others especially Hazel.!

Week 8/9. Gina is being very smart. She knew Hazel had been saved a few times so Gina  has decided to not hate her and befriended her, The same with Charlie. Charlie was being bullied by everyone and Gina knew the public would feel sorry for her so Gina went up to her and gave her a big hug to befriend her and let the public keep liking her. Gina should and will not win.

Week 9. Gina heard her BF say "keep away from Hazel" and now Gina assumes that the public hate her so that's why Gina has been bullying Hazel thinking she's doing the public a good service but I don't believe the public hate her that much and I hope it's Gina evicted for being a blatant bully towards. If Hazel was the Queen Bee instead of Gina I'm sure Hazel would not have been so evil as to continue to electric shock the others during the task! Gina still would have called her a bitch and for these reasons, please please do NOT let Gina win.! 

Gina and Hazel's BIG argument after the Bee Task.

Gina hates everyone in the house and has made no real friends. The only people she liked/likes and dislikes are those whom the public have cheered for or booed at. TRUST ME, Gina is one of the most fakest housemates in there.

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