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Hazel O'Sullivan Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. - Hazel is usual token Irish beautiful woman BB always has in the house. While in the house she is being fun yet not too loud or too quiet. She's confident and smart and I'm looking forward  to see much more of her!!. 

Week 2. Hazel continues to be playing a good game and being a perfect housemate. She looks good, behaves well and also cleans! what more can you ask for? well, to be honest, a bit of bitching and some back-stabbing could always go down well with us viewers but I doubt Hazel has any of those trait's nor do I believe are in her nature.

Week 3. Dirty flirty Hazel is playing a dangerous game in the house by flirting with all the boys. Her flirtatious ways towards Daley is very uncomfortable to watch especially when we know he has a girlfriend but Daley told her that basically, he was single and was not in a relationship when he entered the house.

Week 5/6. And Daley's girlfriend has been on TV telling the world that she and Daley were still an item before he entered the house. But Daley told Hazel that he was basically single so they are both to blame more Daley than Hazel.
Daley Ojuederie was KICKED OUT From the Big Brother House. See video below. Action starts at 1 minute.15 seconds.

Hazel bit off more than she could chew when she was alone with Daley in the safe house. Daley became aggressive by threatening to nut her and placed both hands around her neck. BB thought this was unacceptable and so was removed from the house. Quite right too, but Hazel was the instigator who slapped his butt and pulled his pants down! Why was she not evicted! I'm sure BB has their own reasons.

Hazel is a sitting time bomb. She cannot make up for what happened between her and Daley and whenever she will be up for eviction she will definitely go. She keeps using (befriending) other housemates pretending she likes them but deep down inside, there IS an evil streak that she is managing to far..

When the question was asked, Who is the biggest snake? Hazel was voted the Snake of the house by the public. She then had to dress up in a Snakes costume. Hazel then asked everyone."Am I a Snake. Can someone explain why I'm a Snale...Anyone". I would have said, You sure look like one now.!!..

Its nice to see Hazel relaxing and being herself. By being herself I mean she's acting bored sh*tless because she is. She needs things to happen to be entertaining. She cannot entertain herself or anyone else. Pretty smart and shallow, does not deserve to win.
She is not evil inside. She will pretend to like people and say certain things to keep people sweet, but deep down she's thinking something else in a devious way which most of us do in life anyway right!?

Week 8/9.  Hazel continues to play the game. Now she's starting to be real and come out of her shell telling the others what she really thinks of them but there's just one problem I don't like. She continually goes up to each housemate and says "I can't stand everyone in here, except for you". Very clever but will it work!?

Week 9. People who keep calling her a man stealer are wrong! It was Daley who said he was not seeing anyone and not once did Daley tell her he was dating anyone!.

During a BB Bee task, Hazel really took it well having been victimized and bullied continuously by Gina. If Gina has any respect or morals she would just ignore her if she doesn't like her but no, why?, because she hears her boyfriend tell her during a phone call to "keep away from Hazel". Gina took that message as a warning thinking that the public really hate Hazel so that's why Gina is doing what she's doing. Continueing to bully and humiliate her for no reasons especially during the Bee task and the electric shocks that Gina was given Hazel Gina even got the other housemates especially Charlie to sting her too which Charlie loved. Gina is now over exaggerating and analysing every incident that occurs with what Hazel is doing and why she's doing it. Hazel does NOT deserve to be evicted this week.

Gina and Hazel's BIG argument.

Hazel was the 7th person to be evicted and I'm gutted because she had finally come out of her shell and started to be upfront with everyone and I loved her winning the argument against Gina telling her "Just shut-the-fcuk-up little girl".

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