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Sophie Lawrence Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. - Sophie is a really really nice girl. She is kind and caring and funny. She could go along way in the house and could be in the final 3 if she continues to be nice and sit on the fence. But is that what us viewers really really want!?.

Week 2. It's dawned on me that when I listen to Sophie with my eyes closed all I hear is Jade Goody which can only be a good thing but Sophie is much nicer and prettier than Jade so she should do well in the house if she continues to do what she been doing.
Week 3. Sophie is playing a good game. She does not stand on the fence and says what she finks and has the likability factor which will take her far in the BB process.
Week 4. Sophie continues to sit on the fence and be nice. Fair play to her, she'll go far with these two traits because no-one will have a reason to nominate her unlike Sam, who was very observant when he noticed her not answering the questions she knew the answers to and used that to nominate her.
Week 5.Sophie is continue to be as boring as hell. I hope the public now realise that keeping in the bigger and more controversial characters in the house provides a much better and entertaining to watch and evicting people like Sophie and Sam and the twins Jack and Joe who all bore me to hell.
Week 6/7. Boring, boring, boring. Like's to sit on the fence and talk about others behind their backs. Does she deserve to win? HELL NO!!

Sophie's boyfriend visits her during BB task.

Week 8/9.  Sophie should not win. She's fake and is a BB pro. It's weird because she knows what the public like and don't like but she's still not playing a good game by bitching behind everyone's back and sits on the fence too much trying to keep unnoticed under the radar.

Week 9. Sophie continues to keep a low profile, trying to slip under the radar by being nice and quiet. She still keeps on talking about others HMs behind their backs. She definitely will NOT win and has nothing more to offer the show.! In-fact, I'm actually bored of watching her and updating her page! Grrr!! :)

Again, Sophie has been playing a good game. Keeping a low profile and being Miss Nicey Nice. She clings on-to Gina because she knows the crowd like her. They will never socialise or be friends on the outside because they're are playing games and Sophie is a Big Brother veteran and knows what the public like but she's fcuked up by being a nasty individual inside.
Phew, Sophie has been evicted. Well done all the BB fans who voted to evict her.

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