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Wolfy Millington Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. -  Wolfy is a good character and had been playing a good game even if she's not playing a game and is just being herself.

Week 2. Wolfy recons she's gonna win the show. Lets face it, anyone who can have conversations with insects is a contender! especially when she can make all the others do the same which she has been doing! The only thing Wolfy needs to do is forget, and not talk about her love for evicted Sallie.
Week 2. 30th June. Wolfy attacks Charlie because Charlie said she was fat. Wolfy, if you're so worried and upset about being fat why don't you use your time in BB to exercise and start losing some of your fat you so don't want.
Hazel comforts Wolfy as she breaks breaks down from the stress of latest events of cigarette gate.

Cigarette gate: Wolfy is soo tight with her fags. Why didn't she just borrow them some bakky instead of denying them because that's why she got nominated for eviction this week and that's why she will be going home.
Week 3. Wolfy would have been evicted by now if it was not for the secret room stuff.
Wolfy is getting on my nerves now. She is so fake and bullshits too much. When someone has to start a conversation with "I'm not gonna lie to you" you know they are usually full of sh*t. She is also selfish and too arrogant and her continuous spitting is absolutely disgusting. She should have been called Piggy not Wolfy. She will be evicted this week.
Week 4. As predicted, Wolfy was evicted. Upon leaving the house, she said she had a game-plan which was to cause mischief. When asked what mischief she would or has cause she said "I used to tell things to Hazel knowing she would tell the others" and she said "I jumped in the pool when I was not allowed!" HELLO WOLFY! AKA, AINSLEY!! your full of sh*t.!!!.  I have not seen such a delusional, despicable arrogant weirdo for quite some time and one day when she grows up, she'll look back on it all and say to her self. ....I was a complete asshole who played the wrong game. END OF!!.....

Wolfy attended an after show dinner party along with fellow evictees, Jackie, Jamima and Sallie, Dan's name came up making Wolfy cry her eyes out and have a temper tantrum leaving the dinner table in tears.

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