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Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Don't forget to bookmark this page and come back for all the pictures, videos, news, gossip and truths about each celebrity. Click on the celebrity house mates below.  Watch this space and follow on Twitter for all their potential secrets and lies Big Brother will tells you whats happened  on their show and I tell you why it happened.


Abz Love. 2nd place runer up.
Bruce Jones. Evicted 5th
Carol McGiffin 4th place. 
Charlotte Crosby. Winner of Celebrity Big Brother. 
Courtney Stodden. Evicted 6th 
Danielle Marr. Evicted 1st.
Dustin Diamond. Evicted 4th
Lauren Harries. 3rd place runner up.
Louie Spence. Evicted 7th
Mario Falcone. 5th place.
Ron Atkinson. Evicted 2nd.
Sophie Anderton. Evicted 3rd
Vicky Entwistle. 6th place. 

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