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Lauren Harries Pictures, Videos, & Information

Lauren Harries whose real name was James Harries. She was a former child prodigy and an expert in antiques. He had a complete sex change and is now a He. 

Lauren Harrie's VT video.

Video Of Lauren Harries as a boy/child saying he wants to become the Prime Minister of the UK.

My first impression. I have always wanted Lauren to appear on CBB because she does not suffer fools gladly. She will be very outspoken and say exactly what she thinks. I am very happy she's in the house as she will definitely make sure this years CBB IS the best ever.

Week 1. Lauren is holding back. She is being too nice. Why!? because Courtney's in the house. Wait until Courtney leaves and you'll see a whole new side to Lauren. The real true bitch!

Courtney said to Lauren  "before we leave, I'll give you my email address". EMAIL ADDRESS!! If someone was supposed to be MY best friend I would give them my mobile number!!.

Courtney actually cannot stand Lauren and when they both do leave the house, Courtney would NEVER see Lauren again. Did you see Lauren try and give Courtney medication. SEE Video below. 

Week 2. Lauren wants to win and makes no bones about it. Initially she was worried about kicking off with anyone or being a bitch but after her confrontation with Sophie AND being saved by the public, Lauren is waiting for her chance to tell it how it is. She now knows from Louis Spenc's advice, I quote "Lauren, your a 35 year old woman who has proven you can stand up for yourself."

Another Video from Lauren's past. Lauren Harries / James Harries with Terry Wogan amazing lauren talks about the famous interview. Skip to 03:30.


Week 3. Lauren had wanted to go into the BB house for the last 15 years. Why? I think she was advertising herself to find true love. THAT'S IT! and I think she will succeed, because she''s never get work on tv unless there's another reality show airing soon because she's too clumsy and stupid to appear in any pantomine shows.

Upon leaving the show, Lauren has confessed to sleeping with Russel Brand which he venomously denies. Lauren said she will be writing a book about her experiences with him. Lets await the lawsuits to come and lord knows how she will be able to prove it just as much as Russel denying it!! Watch this space.

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