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Ron Atkinson Pictures, Videos, & Information

Ron Atkinson aka Big Ron is a well known football manager.

Ron Atkinson's VT video. 

Video of Ron Atkinson. Life as a Football manager.

 My first impressions. I cannot stand Football in any shape or form. OK, I lied, I do like Courtney's Football sized breasts!..... I was very sad to see Ron being the first person named to be up for eviction. He seems like a really nice, genuine guy but after thinking a little more, this could be a good thing because I don't think he'll bring much to the house and probably just went in there to get a break from his wife. He don't need the money and he's a huge star in his field already so i'm confused as to why he's in the house.

Week 1. Ron proved to be a nice guy but was too nice and boring and was evicted. I reckon he could have become a great housemate IF given the chance AND if he was in there longer.

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