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Vicky Entwistle Pictures, Video's & Information

Vicky Entwistle is known for her acting as Janice Battersby in Coronation Street. She played the wife of Les Battersby, aka  Bruce Jones 

Vicky Entwistle's VT video. 

Video of  Vicky as Janice Battesby  in Coronation Street.

My first impressions. I have never seen Coronation Street and have no idea who or what she's about. She seems very bossy and bitchy but hey, that's just my first impressions. Lets see what the next few days and weeks bring that's if she lasts that long.

Week 1.   Umm, what's she done? nothing.

Week 2. What's she done now!? nothing, but doing nothing and being quiet and boring gets you along way in Big Brother which is a shame. Lets get her out asap!>

Week 3.Vicky is now being a great housemate by being a total annoying woman and bitching about everyone. She reckons she is really enjoying the experience! Yeah! right!!. Vicky should be next to be evicted.

Vicky was saved by the public. She must have a very larger Coronation Street fan-base and you know what - I'm glad she's still in there especially with Carol. Lets hope BB is kind with the alcohol because fireworks will go off when they both get mortaled.

Vicky was evicted. She came 6th place.

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