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Big Brother 2014 Power Trip

Welcome to another year of Big Brother. Big Brother just keeps on getting better and better. Click on the housemates for all the gossip, news and anything else worth discussing. Don't worry, there are no spoilers here. Click on the housemates links below for more information and the real truth about each of them.

Ash Hamilton
Ashleigh Coyle
Biannca Lake. 6th Evicted.
Chris Wright.
Christopher Hall
Danielle. Evicted 7th.
Helen Wood
Jale Karaturp. Evicted 4th.
Kimberly Kisselovich. 8th. Left due to sickness.
Mark Byron. Evicted 11th.
Marlon Wallen. Evicted 5th.
Matthew Davies. Evicted 3rd.
Pavandeep Paul.
Pauline Bennet. Evicted 2nd.
Steven Goode. Evicted 9th.
Tamara Stewert-Wood. Evicted 1st.
Toya Washington.  Evicted 3rd.
Winston Showan. Evicted 12th.
Zoe Birkett. 10th Evicted

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