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Ken Morley. Pictures, Videos and information

Ken Morley is an actor and comedian best known as Reg Holdsworth on the TV soap Coronation Street and as General Leopold von Flockenstuffen in 'Allo 'Allo!,

After just 8 days in the CBB house, Ken Morley has been removed from the CBB house. Ken was trying to be smart from the very day CBB offered him loads of money to go in the BB house. Kens plan was to take the money and try to be kicked out or ecicted ASAP because he wanted to be in that house for the shortest time possible. (easy quick money he thought).

He played his game by his continuous perverted comments to the woman. Ken realised that those comments were not working so he stepped up his game. What did he do next? Well, he dropped a racist comment in a conversations with Alexandra who told him that was not cool. That still never worked so he increased his nasty sexual comments to the woman which finnaly got him the boot. See videos below.

Ken Morley being ejected from the Celebrity Big Brother.


Video of Ken Morley being racist on Celebrity Big Brother UK 


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