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Big Brother - Time Bomb Explosions

This year, the Big Brother theme is Time Bomb and the clock is always ticking 
and can stop, forward and rewind anything at any time which will affect all the housemates including 
those from previous BB series - Who knows what Big Brother has in store - only time will tell.

Eviction Twist Reverse - Time Bomb Explosion

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Big Brother's Timebomb Machine Eviction and New Housemates


Time Bomb Explosion - Nominations The people who have been nominate for eviction this week are Adjoa, Eileen, Sarah and Cristian, however, Jack used his one of his nomination passes to save Cristian.

Jacks BMW Time Bomb Explosion Dilemma

The viewers were asked to pick 3 people who they wanted to win. Jack, Danny and  
Harriet were chosen and Jack had the most votes. BB then offered Jack a £27.000 
brand new BMW to leave the house immediately. In addition, the £150.000 prize would 
disappear. Jack decided to refuse the offer and stay in the house.


1st Major Time Bomb Explosion - Day 1. The viewers were asked to vote for 5 housemates they wanted to take part in the "first time bomb explosion".

The chosen 5 housemates each had to open their time bomb to reveal what was hidden inside. 
From right to left Jack opened his time bomb to reveal Immunity which meant he 
could choose which weeks in wanted to use his 3 nomination passes as and when he 
likes. Next to him was Jade who revealed Luxury which meant she could claim a 
luxury shopping budget for one week.

From left to right. Nick revealed Nominations which meant he had to make all his nominations 
face to face throughout his stay in the house. Adjoa revealed Nothing, which meant 
nothing would happen to her. In the middle, Simon chose Eviction which meant he 
was evicted immediately after having spent just 5 minutes in the house. This is a 
Big Brother record for the person who spent the shortest amount of time in the house. 

Jades Time Bomb: Week of luxury.

Simon's Gutted To Being Evicted - 1st Time Bomb Explosion Video

That's Show Business Simon!! lol

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