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Big Brother 2015 - DAY 1 Highlights 

Chloe is from Doncaster. Chloe says shes a terrible drunk and considers herself a right chav. Shes irritated by posh and stuck-up people and also thinks that girls who thinks their "one of the lads" are really just slags.  She said she like normal, nice and genuine people and loves listening to Elvis and Dolly Parton. Tweet -  #BBCHLOE
Kieran McLeod is aged 30 from Birmingham. He's a huge fan of Basketball and previously owned a Caribbean restaurant. He says he like to do things better than anyone else and that he's a team player and wears his heart on his sleeve. He owns 22 bespoke blazers and likes to splash out on expensive items. He also DJs on a local radio station. Tweet - #BBKIERAN
 Simon aged 46 is from Kent, SE London. Simon likes to be called "Mr Showbiz". Simon has been in show business for 40 years. He has his own production company. He says he's a real show off and very argumentative and a nightmare to live with and people probably think he's a prat! Simon was the 1st person to be evicted after spending just 5 minutes in the house in Big Brothers "Time Bomb" game. That's show business!! Tweet - #BBSIMON
Jade is a model aged 24 from Dublin, Ireland. She describes herself as a beautiful, energetic and free person and could imagine herself naked and free in the wild. Jade does not like to feel trapped which she may find hard in the house. She describes herself as polyamorous. Jade says if there's conflict in the house she will walk away, if not, she''s bite down hard. Jade prefers animals over humans and has a phobia of balloons. She's NOT my cup of tea. Jade won "luxury shopping" in the Time Bomb gameTweet - #BBJADE

Joel William's is a student and aspiring politician who lives in Cardiff, Wales with his mum and dad. He is a director of two companies, is an independent community Councillor and president of the student union. He loves going everywhere on his scooter. He hopes to get on with all the other housemates. He says he would love to be prime minister and his first pledges to the house would be to have fun, laughter and entertainment. Tweet - #BBJOEL
Next in the house is Cristian aged 20 from Blackburn but lives in London. Cristian has been rapping since he was 17.  He studies bio medical science so if his music fails he can be a doctor. He is trying to get into the Olympics playing Tennis at county level. He describes himself as a lady's man and a social media addict. He says he does not like to lose at things and hates people who cheat. Tweet - #BBCRISTIAN
Harriet Jackson aged 22 works in a cafe, and lives with her boy friend and his two brothers. Harriet says her mum taught her everything she knows. Harriet says she does not like being told what to do although she will follow Big Brothers rules. Tweet -  #BBHARRIET
Jack is 23 and a manager from Mc Donald's and is 6ft 3 tall. His nickname is Pie Face which he got while sitting on a wall eating a pie, and has been called Pie Face ever since! Jacks biggest fear is flying and his big passion is his favourite Football team Plymouth argyle. Jack does not drink, or like listening to drunk peoples conversations. Jack is single but not looking for love.  Jack received the best reception from the crowd when he entered the house. He also received 3 immunity passes in the TIME BOMB game. Tweet - #BBJACK

Identical twins Amy and Sally Broadbent who come as one housemate (two for the price of one) are identical twins aged 27 from Manchester. One of them is older by 10 minutes and one of them moans more than the other. Trying to figure out which is going to be hard! They describe themselves as are extremely close and say they can be as thick as thieves at times. Tweet -#BBAMY&SALLY

Adjoa is 22 years old and lives in Manchester. She is a pastors daughter and self confessed lesbian obsessed with boobs. She says she can be really sweet or a psycho bitch. Her desire is to be a motivational speaker. Adjoa has a special stone which she has for good luck. She says she will miss her mobile as she likes to have phone sex. She said she's on the show to see what other people really think of her. Tweet - #BBADJOA
Nick aged 19 and aspiring politician says he does nothing for a living and likes sitting in his dressing gown watching cartoons. He has been expelled from primary and state school for being unruly. He says he has no friends and likes to bitch about people behind their backs. He reckons he will never win because he's too loathable, and does not have the right attributes, although he said he's much more grown-up now. While taking part in the Big Brother Time Bomb game, Nick chose Nominations. Tweet- #BBNICK
Danny aged 29 is a demolition expert and was previously a professional Footballer at 18. He says he loves to have fun and would probably have sex in the house if alcohol was available. He dislikes stuck-up people and says no-one has the right to think they're better than anyone else. He thinks he can win Big Brother and said he would do anything to win. Tweet - #BBDANNY
Sarah Greenwood is aged 24 from Manchester and is currently in her 2nd year of a law degree. Her mother said, if she could get payed for arguing, she'd be rich. Sarah has been kicked out of various schools for being unruly. Sarah would love to buy her own bar with the BB winnings. Sarah has a Yorkshire terrier called Toto. She likes her own space and does not like to share, and admits to being a self confessed bitch. She reckons that woman who say they don't get on with other woman are tramps. Tweet - #BBSARAH
Aaron aged 24 is a model and personal shopper from Nottingham. He really loves his bum which has been featured in Vogue. He likes to walk and live life like he was on a Cat walk. He' said he's petrified of foods especially pizzas, snails and cheese. Aaron  is on the show to make his mother proud. Aaron also said he's looking for love in the house.  Tweet - #BBAARON
Last to enter the house is Eileen Daily whose from Chelsea, London. She has a dog called Beauty and a boyfriend called Bobo. She is an actress who stars as vampire slayers or witches roles in various film productions and loves to direct films herself. Eileen has also appeared on the X Factor singing Delilah getting through to boot camp.  She has also acted as a dominatrix, as seen on YouTube. She also describes herself as an angel with a dirty face. Tweet - #BBEILEEN 

Big Brother: Time bomb Launch - Episode 1- May 2015 


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