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Big Brother 2015 - Week 1 Diary - 19th May, 2015

7 days have passed since Simon was evicted from the house on day 1, and aside from everyone treading on egg shells and also the lack of food. What have we learned about the final 14 so far and what have they learned about each other?  Includes all nominations. Those nominated for eviction this week are Adjoa, Sarah and Eileen

Aaron: is highly emotional and overly sensitive. Revealed he was bullied at School for being gay. Discovered he can't handle alcohol. Fancies Joel and not afraid to tell him. Was voted most stupid AND the most fake person by public. He nominated Cristian and the twins Amy and Sally to be evicted.

Adjoa: she can't hold down a job for being unreliable. She fancies Sarah. Was accused by Harriet of eating more than her fair share of eggs. Has an obsession with pussy and loves to let everyone know it. Adjoa was voted the most selfish AND most untrustworthy housemate. She nominated Kieran and Joel to be evicted.

Twins Amy and Sally Broadbent:
Twins Amy and Sally Broadbent: They admitted to being trolled on Twitter. Amy said Aaron least deserves his place in the house. Both voted the least honest in a public poll. They nominated Jade and Cristian to be evicted.

Chloe: Not much to say about her because she has not done or contributed to anything as yet. Being bland is can have it's perks in the house.IE, keeping under the radar for as long as possible! Chloe nominated Sarah and Cristian to be evicted.

Cristian: thought he should have been in the celebrity Big Brother house because he dated the Hollyoak's actress Stephanie Davis. He is very sensitive and highly emotional and breaking down in tears twice in the 1st week. He nominated Sarah and Chloe to be evicted.

Danny: Bit of a Jack the lad and playing his part in the house as the easy going guy. He said he fancies the pants of Sarah and can't wait to start spooning her. He nominated Joel and Jade to be evicted.

Harriet Jackson:
Harriet Jackson: The Cockney lass is an overly  emotional girl and has no idea how beautiful she actually is, that's when she doesn't pull those funny faces! A public poll rated her as the most honest person in the house. She nominated Cristian and Eileen to be evicted.

Eileen Daily:
Eileen Daily: Has been living in her own little world while in the BB house. Has not contributed or got involved as yet. She loves to smile and is always happy. She nominated Kieran and jade to be evicted.

Jack: has never had sex before. In a BB poll, he was voted the winner by the public in a time bomb twist where he rejected a brand new BMW  to stay in the house.  He acts much older than his age and is probably the daddy of the house. He nominated Adjoa and Eileen to be evicted.

Jade Martina-Lynch: Her favourite word is polyamorous, meaning she likes to sleep around. She says, quite a lot that she's a beautiful person and being, has a beautiful soul, heart and spirit! She wears a T shirt with "I'm famous but no-one knows it..yet" printed on it! She was voted most superficial by the public. Expressed her dislike of Eileen and the Twins. Taking advantage of the vulnerable Nick and pretending to be emotionally connected with him, the fact is, no-one else in the house actually is warming to her. She loves herself more than anything or anyone. Jade nominated Cristian and Eileen to be evicted.

Joel William's:
Joel William's: revealed he fancies Eileen and found out that Aaron fancies him. He almost fell out with the twins for asking the if he could use some eggs to make a cake. He is always watching his back knowing that Aaron fancies him! Joel nominated Adjoa and Sarah to be evicted.

Kieran McLeod:
Kieran McLeod: he's gods gift to woman and knows all the answers to all life's questions......That's what he thinks! Spends most of the time giving other people advice. He nominated Eileen and Adjoa to be evicted.

Nick: used to be a Jockey. He told Jade he fancies her. they have since become inseparable continually holding hands and hugging but nothing has happened between this unlikely couple. During a time bomb explosion, Nick had to nominate face-to-face.  During his 1st face-to-face nomination he voted for Adjoa and Sarah to be evicted.

Sarah Greenwood:
Sarah Greenwood: revealed she's turned on by money which Cristian did not approve of. Sarah was rated the most attractive girl in the house by a public poll. Finding out that Danny fancies her she replied, "he's nice", not giving away any clues she may like him too! She nominated Joel and Nick to be evicted.

Up for eviction this week are Adjoa, Eileen and Sarah.

Video Highlights - Big Brother UK: Timebomb - Week 1 Diary - May 2015 

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