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Big Brother 2015 - Week 2 Diary - 28th May, 2015
Two weeks have passed and the lack of food and hunger has been the big issue for them as they struggle to live on basic rations. Adjoa was the 2nd housemate to be evicted. What more have we learned about them all.

Adjoa became the 2nd housemate to be evicted. We have learned that she is not an actual princess, no doubt she will find her prince one day. Her favorite saying is "what the fcuk". While in the house and broke down in tears saying, It's so hard, it feels like everyone's against me".

Since Aaron has been in the house he has continually been moping around the house in his underpants and dry humping any and everything. He likes/fancies Joel so Joel has been continually rejecting his advances. He sulks and moans too much. Aaron nominated Jade and Nick to be evicted.

Amy & Sally Twins
The Twins have been keeping themselves and not really socialising much. They accused Jade of having a fake relationship with Nick. and said Cristian was the most fittest, Jade was the most deceitful and most manipulative housemate. The twins nominated Jade and Aaron to be evicted.

Chloe has been still keeping a low profile. She is such a girly girl and very immature for her age. Does not like to get involved in any conflict and sticks with her best mate Harriet, Chloe nominated Sarah and Cristian to be evicted.

Cristian is very insecure and overly emotional guy and acts like a child at times. After finding how he was up for eviction last week, he said, "no-one would have voted for me if I never spoke to them"! He has arm wrestled 3 housemates and lost them all. He nominated Aaron and Jade to be evicted.

After two weeks of telling Kieran and others that he likes Sarah, he now says he likes her as just friends and he's not sexually attracted to her.  He later said he needs to get over their "friendship barrier" before anything could happen. Danny does not contribute to much and is too cool for School to be a fun housemate! He nominated Jade and Joel to be evicted.

Eileen has been getting stick from Kieran for being the oldest in the house. She reminds me of what Amanda Holden will look like in 20 years!  Eileeen and Jade have been getting on each others nerves. Jade told Eileen there's only room for one spiritual person in the house. Eileen said she has "no connection with Jade" and would not care if she ever saw her again.  Nominated Jade and Kieran to be evicted.

Harriet started off as an easy going girl but has become such a bitch. She can't help getting involved in everyone's business and arguments.  Nominated Cristian and Jade to be evicted.

Jack has been struggling without food and was angry with Jade eating her luxury food. Hangs around with best mate Joel. Nominated Jade and Eileen to be evicted.

OMG, where do I start. When I first saw her, I did not warm to her at all. She is just one of those people and no-one in the house likes her. She is very deluded, un-sexy, not beautiful or funny, or kind, or giving. She has sucked the energy out of everyone. Takes advantage of Nick as he's the most vulnerable. All the housemates have called her relationship with Nick fake. Nick finally sees through her and is now keeping his distance from her.  Nominated Eileen and the Twins to be evicted.

Joel has been growing up while in the house. He is still watching his back and trying to ignore Aaron's constant sexual advances saying Joel must be gay because he like's Celine Dion. Said he hated Jade and nominated Jade and Nick to be evicted.

Kieran, the lads lad has been giving good advice to everyone with any problems they have. Although keeping a low profile, is doing really well.

Mr insecure has been spending too much time with Jade and knowing that everyone hates her he's now keeping his distance which will be hard getting her claws off him. He told Cristian he "needs to stop eating out of her hand". Nominated Chloe and Aaron to be evicted.

Sarah is the most normal housemate in there and the only one keeping it real. She found out that Danny does not fancy her in that way but is still trying to get him under her spell and in her bed saying "hes a nice and sweet guy". Fell out with Cristian telling him. he's too sensitive and gets under her skin. Nominated Joel and Eileen to be evicted.

Big Brothers Biggest Twist Ever.
The housemates who were nominated and up for eviction were Aaron, Cristian, Eileen, Jade, Joel and Nick. however, they are NOT actually going to be evicted. In-fact, the people who thought they were safe are now facing eviction! 

Up for eviction are Amy and sally, Chloe, Danny, Harriet, Kieran and Sarah. Which four will be evicted?

Plus, four, yes four brand new shiny and clean housemates will be entering the house in one of Big Brothers biggest ever twist next week. 

Video Highlights - Big Brother 2015 - Week 2  Diary - 28th May, 2015 

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