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Ed Miliband's Funniest Moments

TOWIE star Joey Essex got the chance to interview the 3 main political leaders for a documentary. He interviewed Nick Clegg who he thought was called Nick Leg! and that his party was
called the Liberal Democats!, and he also had no idea who the current prime minister was!

His next interview was with Labour leader Ed Miliband.
During the interview Joey Essex's commented to him saying, quote..."I love the banter between you lot". Lord knows what Ed was actually thinking at the above snapshot moment.Before the interview ended Joey Essex asked Ed, "Do you think I'm cleverer than you thought I was" to which Ed Miliband replied, "I never thought you Weren't"!....That's proof enough for me to know that Ed will say anything to anyone to get into 10 Downing street!

Just to remind everyone of how uneducated Joey Essex is - video below

Jeremy Paxman interviews Ed Miliband - Are You Tough Enough!?

Part of the LOL transcript.
Jeremy. "the point is this, people think your just not tough enough"
Ed. "well well I'll, let me tell you, right, let me tell you, OK, le let me tell you, OK". Ed then continues to rabbit on about rubbish, and finish's off the conversation with "but, am I tough enough, tough enough, Hell yeah I'm tough enough". View the full conversation video below.

Good luck Ed.!

Eds next funny moment 
When the Conservatives took over office from Labour on 17th May, 2010, Ex-Treasury secretary Liam Byrne's left a note to his successor Cameron which read.. "I'm afraid there's no money left". This letter has been carried around by Cameron for the past 5 years and he pulls it out of his pocket (Image below) and shows it at any given chance he gets to show the people just what legacy Labour left them with  

David Cameron shows off the letter......again! 

So what does Ed Miliband do next!? He sets out all his promises in an 8 foot concrete head stone (below) with all his promises inscribed on it because in 5 years time when Ed fails to live up to his 10 promises, there will be no way anyone will be able to carry that around to pull-out at any given moment!

Video: Ed Miliband and Russell Brand Parody

Ed Miliband Speaking for the 1st time after the elections as a bench MP: 'I used to be famous'

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