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Celebrity Big Brother UK Vs USA 2015

Big Brother updates, news pictures, highlight videos and gossip from all the celebrity American and English housemates.

Representing the UK...
Bobby Davro - Is playing a good game and being a great housemate. Good chance of winning if he can play a better game. 12th to be evicted.

James Hill - Playing a good game being kind and lovely. He's definitely going for the gay vote with his overly friendly and perverted antics which Austin and James are both to blame for. In the real world, James would not put up with, this makes me believe he's being fake and not himself although he did deserve to win for putting up with the sexual and verbal, harassment he continually received from Austin . CBB WINNER.

Natasha Hamilton - Playing a good game although she's been overwhelmed with the bigger characters in the house such as Janice, Farrah and Jenna and Natasha is not want to sit on the fence but she is learning to have to with that lot. 13 to be evicted.

Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello - Where do I begin with these two. What a sham. This couple will not last as Stevi will one day crack and not tolerate Chloe's continuous and obsessive behavior. These two do not deserve to win and have not contributed to nothing in the house. Have they used tongues when they have kissed? NO.!. He does not deserve to win for wearing a mankini AND woman's knickers and with the body he has which is not in the best of shape. 11th to be evicted.

Sherrie Hewson - Sherrie has been the professional she is..When on camera and she always on the ball as she's used to being confronted in heated arguments and conversations which Sherrie just takes in her stride. She could win if she contributed more. 10th to be evicted.

Chris Ellison- 2nd to be Evicted. Had to be evicted because he was too boring which he, would be the first person to admit that.

Gail Porter - 5th to be evicted. Gail earned her place ion the house...if you call cleaning everyone's things and the cleaning the house deserving enough to be their. Gail had to go because she was losing the plot and becoming overly emotional. The pressure of being in that environment with so many huge characters and so many arguments going on on a daily basis in the house she was happy to be evicted.

Representing the USA...
Janice Dickinson - Playing the best game ever (she says in her head)!. She's a people's person and people watcher and has so many years of life experiences and been on so many realty shows that this lady is cutting the mustard very well and could win if she can play the game better. unfortunately the housemates can see right through her blatant falseness and fakeness. 9th to be evicted.

Farrah Abraham - 6th to be Evicted. Poor Farrah. I liked her in the house because she was TV gold. You could not stop watching her what ever she was doing. She could have become a much nicer person much quicker if Jenna was not brainwashing and manipulating her by shit stirring about the others all the time. 8th to be Evicted.
Fatman Scoop- 3rd to be evicted. PUT YOUR HANDS UP, PUT YOUR HANDS UP. I loved this guy. It's shame he was evicted because "nice" people have won CBB before. Don't worry Scoop. although you were the 3rd person to be evicted, you were probably liked the most. You did your family proud.

Daniel Baldwin  - 1st to be Evicted. Daniel, was too big headed and too boring to win CBB or be on the show. Nothing more to say except which Baldwin will be next to appear on the show!?

Austin Armacost - Apart from sexually harassing James all the time, Austin is playing the best game although he will not win. For such a big grown man, he likes to get his knickers in a twist all the time and any chance he gets to have an argument or confront someone about something, then he's your man. He won't win. Also, If James was not in the house, he would not be walking around in his pants. I also found it very uncomfortable watching him sexually harrass James and if a man did the same thing to a woman in the house, they would have been thrown out for sexual misconduct. For these reasons he should NEVER have come 2nd. 2ND PLACE RUNNER UP.

Jenna Jameson - Jenna is such a not very good game playing bitch and always plotting and backbiting in her mind and cannot be just casual. Fact...Jenna was afraid of Farrah deep down and that's why she befriended Farrah. You know what they say about your enemies...keep then closer! Will not win and could be a much nicer person by just being herself and not a bitch playing gamer. 7th to be Evicted.

Tila Tequila - Removed from the house.



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