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Celebrity Big Brother 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Celebrity Big Brother 2016 which started on January 5th. 

Check out below all the latest gossip about each celebrity housemate which you won't hear anywhere else. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but...

Scotty T - Jordy Shore.  Mr nice guy but too fake for my liking. He must have so many splinters in his ass after sitting on the fence for so long. Loves himself far too much and very good at being nice.

Daniellla Westbrook - Eastenders. As common as they come. She said she only wants to make her boys proud and fuck anyone else. Umm, Daniella, your boys will always be proud of you even if you shit and peed your knickers everyday. She likes to swear, drink beer and chat shit about everyone else and is very boring. That hairstyle you were evicted in did not suit or would suit a granny.  You ain't no Marilyn Monroe.

Angie Bowie - David Bowies Former Wife. What an angry, bitter and twisted old hag. No wonder David Bowie divorced this alcoholic witch. She only cares about herself and pretended at every second to like anyone else.

David Gest. Mr pleaser. Will agree with everything anyone says. This guy is just as common as muck and thinks that knowing many famous people some how gives him such high status when in-fact, hes just a bald, old boring fart.

Darren Day - Actor. Good guy. Played the game perfect. No complaints.

 John Partridge - Eastenders. A bit of a control freak and likes to bitch, but he's gay remember, but a nice guy at heart.

Kristina Rihanoff - Dancing Show.  Not my kinda of girl. Too bossy and stuck-up and not game for a laugh. Why on earth was she chosen to be on the show I don't know.

Megan McKenna - Jordy Shore. Body and looks of a sexy girl, but she has a mans brain. Her true colours were lit up for everyone to see when she does not get her own way. #crazyfuckingbitch. Only interested in Scotty for magazine deals. #fakeromance.

Winston McKenzie - Politics. Only went on the show to boost his public profile. He never lasted because of his homophobic views.

Tiffany Pollard - Reality TV  star.  She heard prior to going in CBB that Americans do well if they cause controversy and  be the baddy which worked for her. I liked her crazy manic moments. Very entertaining unlike some.

Stephanie Davis - Holby City. What a nasty, pathetic moron. What have we learned about her? Her shit stinks. She leaves her knickers lying around with white stuff in them! She likes to prank people by putting toothpaste on peoples hair and hiding peoples dirty shoes under other peoples pillows. Bragged and showed everyone her afro (hairy) Virgina ewww. She likes to sleep around and blatantly cheat on her BF. She likes men, loves men, any man who would give her the time of long as she fancied them. She is a pathetic numbty. Beauty really is skin deep. End of.

Jeremy McConnell - Model. There was no way on earth Jeremy would have stayed with her for the long haul. It was a fake romance. Jeremy was just happy with a willing female.
Also, I have never known anyone who loves them-self more than him.  I don't think he likes a hairy muff and creamy knickers.  He actually loves himself more than Stephanie. He was very disrespectful to Stephanies boyfriend by his relationship with step in the house. He also got off very lightly but his day will come when his future wife or girlfriend will cheat on him. What goes around....

Gemma Collins. - TOWIE. What a complete selfish person. She thought she was the dogs bollocks. Thought she was the "entertainment" of the show. Infact, she was a horrible, shit stirring gob. Should not have been allowed in their AND was payed too much. She ought to have been payed much much less. Always having sissy fits threatening to leave the show, but there was no way she would forfeit her 100 k payment for going in the house.

The Most Bizzare TV Confusion, EVER!!. Tiffany mistakenly thinks David Gest is dead - . Day 7 . Read this before you watch, Angie has just been told by BB that her former husband "David Bowie" was dead. She told Tiffany who mistakenly thought she was talking about David "Gest"!... Just prior to this, David Gest had just told everyone he was not feeling well and went to his bed with the blanket covering his face!. ok, your good to go....

Christopher Maloney - X Factor Loser.  Too nice and boring to have been on CBB. He contributed to nowt, although he's obviously a nice guy.

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