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Big Brother 2016 Housemates Pictures, Videos and Information.
Welcome to Big Brother 2016. Here is all the latest news, gossip, pictures and videos of all the housemates and gossip (truths) that you won't hear anywhere else. Plus, no spoilers. 

First Introductions below. Click on the Read More Here for more information and discover what they did before entering the house!
Marco Pierre White Jr. aka,  Attention seeking posh pratt and the son of chef Marco Pierre White. I have to start by saying that everything about him annoys me. This guy also acts like he has never seen a woman before. The way he man handles and fondles every woman at any given chance is cringing.  Read More Here. 1st evicted Laura Carter, the sex mad madam who cannot say no. Especially to Marcos persistent and forceful advances. This sex mad woman keeps saying that she should not be doing what she';s doing with Marco because he has a fiance regardless of him having a hall pass, however, she is happy to have arranged to have him as a fcuk buddy when they are both out of the house. Read More Here.
 Jackson Blyton. I think this guy could win. I liked him the moment I saw him and agree with all his actions in the house (so far). He is one of thee most normal housemates who will be very much liked in the house although his immaturity may let him down. He said he fancies Georgina below, but she's not his type! He will continue to woo her until he gets the hint, if she does not give him the hint, let the show-mance begin! Read More Here.
Georgina Leigh Cantwell has been very miserable since being in the BB house, but she's being that she cannot pretend to like the others whom she hates with a passion. She likes, not loves Jackson above. They are not suited and in the real world, Georgina would have told him politely, to do one, but they are in the BB house so anything (show-mance$$) can happen and she really has no-one else to trust apart from him. Read More Here. 3rd Evicted
Sam Giffen. I am not too sure about this guy, I cannot yet decide what kind of person he really is. Does he still like his ex Ryan below? I have no idea. It's still the first week so there is lots more to hopefully come from him. Read More Here.
As soon I saw Ryan Ruckledge, I thought he looks like a right annoying git, and low and behold, he actually is!. If anything, he's playing the biggest game although he's feeling very vulnerable and nervous in the house for whatever reason. Is he still in love with his ex Sam above? or does he fancy Hughie below? Read More Here.7th to be evicted.
Hughie Maughan, probably the campest person in the house other than Ryan seems like a genuine nice guy who has had his fair share of beef with Natalie Below. He is probably one of the most genuine people in the house. Looking forward to him coming out of his shell and becoming more confident. Read More Here.
Natalie Rowe by name and it looks likes she likes a  row by nature, especially with her continuous arguments with Hughie above and Jayne below. I can't wait until she becomes a full time housemate because when she starts the fireworks begin, but, she will be the lone ranger because she has not built-up any allies to support her when it does kick off. Read More Here. 2nd to be evicted

Jayne Connery seems a really nice lady. She has had some form of previous experience (beef) with Chelsea which we are waiting to find. First impressions.... This lady seems really nice and fun. I think she will become a great housemate, but, I would be very cautious about someone who makes a living from kiss and tells. We have yet to discover what really happened between her and Chelsea below. Read More Here. Chelsea Singe. It just goes to prove that money cannot buy you class or cure baldness. This guy loves to brag about his riches and thinks he's the dogs bollocks. I would like to know what kind of personality he would have if he was broke.  Read More Here. 5th Evicted
Charlie Doherty has been very chilled the first week. Probably the anxiety and nervousness excitement is the cause especially knowing her X boyfriend Jason below is in the other house. Charlie wants him back, but Jason, who has already told the other housemates that she is a jealous, possessive and annoying person. Let the fireworks begin. Read More Here. 4th to be evicted
Jason Burrill, aka mr cool, easy going and likable dude has been playing a good game so far, but now he has come face to face with his ex girlfriend Charlie above, he is under pressure because he does not want any kind of re-romance with her like she does with him. In the real world, he would never, ever have arranged to meet her but he is being respectful and diplomatic because he know all Charlies family and friends are watching! Read More Here.
Andrew Tate, kicked out of the house because of his racist tweets he made years ago and then some..... It's a shame, I loved watching this deluded dude who could have been great housemate. Someone who wouldn't have been afraid of kicking off and starting trouble. Read More Here. Ejected.
Andy West, what a wet soppy individual. He may be a nice person, but he lacks balls and confidence and needs to man up. I would say he is the most boring person in the house, but unfortunately, he's not. That award goes to Alex. But Alex is being fake just to please people. Not out of wanting to,  but to lack of assertiveness and confidence. Read More Here.
Umm, I have no idea what her name is or what she does in the house. Ohh yeah, I remember her frolicking with that scumbag Marco and kissing Laura topless in the pool. Other than that!. She looks and acts very contrived and seems very manipulative. Read More Here.
The Jenson Twins - Victoria Jenson  & Emma Jenson. Like the Spice girls song, two become one when her sister walked out of the house due to "bad energy" leaving Emma who is very fun, honest and too nice to be living in the BB house although I bet she comes out a much more stronger, feistier and confident person than she went in. Read More Here. Ejected
Lateysha Grace. I like her. She's always up for a laugh and knows her boundaries even though she's one of the younger housemates. Lateysha will speak out if anything or anyone bothers her that's why I like her. Honest, decent, fun and very respectable. Read More Here. 6th to be evicted.
Alex Cannon. Probably thee most boring housemate ever. But, the ladies don't mind him because he is fit and handsome regardless of how shallow he is. The only time I heard him talk or contribute to BB was when he was telling to Hughie to fcuk off while he was having an argument with and most of the others. Read More Here.

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