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Continued - Charlie Doherty Pictures, Videos & Information 2016

Video - Charlie Devastated Her Jason Does Not Want Her Anymore
An image of Charlie Doherty taken from the TV show "Snog Marry Avoid" in 2009. On the show she loved to tan up, get her hair extensions in, and hit the town looking for guys.

Talking of advice to Jason, don't ever get hypnotised because you may find yourself actually waking up with Charlie and in love all over again!

Week 3. Charlie has said her "life is over" now Jason does not want her back. Charlie has continued to badger and annoy Jason at every moment. 

When Charlie offered someone a shirt to wear, Charlie scolded Jason by telling him, "if you can give someone your shirt, then you can give me hugs". WTF. This woman has severe problems and needs a good slap in the face or counseling. It's painful to watch.

Video - Big Brother's Charlie Doherty and Jason.. "I do not want"......YOU.

Week 4.  Charlie is still nit-picking Jason at every given chance to try and get him to crack and get angry, but Jason is too much of a gentleman and won't.......

Charlie has been deservedly evicted

Final thoughts..... Charlie, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop telling porkie pies and move on...If you can, change your personality because you can be a beautiful person....... if you can change.....

Right now, I'd rather spend my life in prison than be in a relationship with you.

bye bye and don't cry ::::::: (

Week 5. Jason wastes no time in having fun, and the girls waste no chance in getting closer to Jason now jealous Charlie has left the house. Charlie Doherty important updates here..

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