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Continued - Georgina Leigh Cantwell Pictures, Videos & Information 2016

Georgina & Jackson - Talking about their "relationship"!
Image- Georgina thinking about her "relationship" with Jackson.

Georgina only has one true person she can have fun with and trust, that person is Jackson who is taking advantage of someone he knows does not 100% like him. Does he care!? No, he's having fun with a pretty girl.
Week 3. 3 weeks have passed by and I'm starting to think Georgina is just a grumpy by nature person.

Regarding her "relationship" with Jackson,  Georgina's afraid that if she told Jackson she was not interested in him in that way, that he would then turn against her rather than just accepting to be just friends with her.....and, being in that close environment and the boredom, what else can she do!? 

Video - Georgina in tears as she's voted out of Big Brother house. Bye bye...Don't cry...

Week 4. When on BBBOTS, Ryan asked her if she had managed to see any of the show since she's been out, and she adamantly said "no I haven't, why would I want to watch something Ive been in"... Then Ryan asked her about Charlie, and Georgina said, "well, from what I saw she does act like a bitch" which goes to show she is blatantly dishonest.

Final thoughts.  Keep away from these negative kind of people because they can be seriously damaging to your health.

Come back soon for more gossip and truths about Georgina and who knows, maybe the wedding date! lol.

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