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Continued - Jackson Blyton Pictures, Videos & Information 2016

Video - Jackson trying to woo Georgina

Jackson knows 100% that Georgina is out of his league, but does he care!? NO! Because he's going to be in the house for a long time so what else can this red hot blooded male do?

He will try and get his leg-over, or at least have lots of cuddles and kisses with Georgina because he knows his friends will be watching the show and will be impressed with him after  Jackson bragged to them about how "he will be getting the fittest bird in the house". (That's just my thought's) and Jackson's mission.

Week 3.

Personally, he would have been better off with Evelyn. They would have much more genuine fun.
Week 4.  Jackson broke down in tears when his missis Georgina was evicted. The way he acted was if he'd just been notified of her death! it was way OTT and contrived. this little boy likes to be ordered around, bitched about and totally disrespected at every given moment, then go for it. She's your woman, sorry, missis. 

I cannot believe how Georgina reacted to being evicted!? Was she more upset to be leaving the house or Jackson! I think both because this would be her only relationship where she can wear the trousers!

Also, I have never ever heard somebody say how much they love someone so many times....even when they are really in love. Jackson loves himself more than anyone else.

Jackson cannot ever win now.
Week 4. During a task, Jackson and 3 others had to decide to let the 3 outsiders a chance to stay the night in the house. Jackson was pleading with the others to let them almost begging and being upset when they decided not to. Well, later that day they were offered the chance to stay, and Jackson went crazy and angry and started to cry, and then put it down to him wanting to see his boy. This boy is so inconsistent and fake. aka Wacko Jacko.

He also boasts about sleeping with hundreds of woman. But any of them they stay around!? No!. Because he's soo immature and obviously has anger issues. Probably too much drugs.  

Week 5. Jackson is proving to be inconsistent and fake. During the annihilation task, Jackson said he pressed the buzzer to give everyone 2K each, then later said 1K, then later said he would have given half to whoever he nominated and kept the other 10K for himself. ! Prior to all that he "I thought long and hard before pressing the buzzer".!

Well done to Laura for calling him out on it and big congrats and respect to Evelyn to confront him saying "Basically what you done I think your full of shit and I had to tell you". Jackson responded by looking, acting and sounding as guilty as fcuk.

Week 6. It seems Jackson Blyton must be related to the author Enid Blyton because he loves to tell stories. I have no idea why he's still in the house. His actions, the way he talks and laughs is soo annoying.

Well done to Evelyn for telling him he's full of shit and chats shit all the time.

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