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Continued - Jayne Connery Pictures, Videos & Information 2016

Video - Jayne goes ballistic
Her secret with Chelsea has to involve sex and or money. We may need to wait until she sells her story to find out the real truth.

Jayne can be as nice as pie most times, and in an instant, becomes the wicked witch of the East and there is no in between. She obviously has issues which needs addressing, or stories she's dying to sell.
Right now, all she is doing is brewing up more stories while in the house to sell to the highest bidder and another thing, her voice is so irritating.

Jayne says on her Twitter account that shes a former journalist and model and owner of a spouse investigation service.  Passionate about raising awareness on for dementia.

Jayne had a diva massive moment and threatened to leave the house unless she got some.. I quote...some  "fcuking bread, jam and enough tea to last until the evening". BB told her to calm down, calm down. Jayne then decided to stay.

More information coming soon...

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