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Continued - Laura Carter Picture, Videos & Information 2016 Week 3. Laura has been released from the crutches of Marco's continuous sexual assaults upon her. In her eyes, she is being loved. In everyone else's eyes, she's being a total sl@g.

Video. Laura takes it.......easily.....every time....

Video - Laura "acting" - TV Show Reel - Not GR8

Laura has calmed down calm down since Marco was evicted. I think he has, one could say "de-stressed" her with all the "frolicking" around. She now spends most of the time in bed.

Week 4.  Laura has had more "action" in the house with her former friend and fancy fella Bernado coming into the house. Laura said to him that "I woke up and thought who was that in my bed". Yes Laura your such a hoe, how can you ever tell who you're waking up to!

Big Brother's 2016: Laura and Bernardo Passionate Kisses Goodbye 



Week 5. Laura has proven she has balls by calling out Jackson after he lied about what he said he would have done with the 20K on offer if he had been the first person to hit the button during a BB annihilation task..


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