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Continued - Alex Cannon Pictures, Videos & Information 2016
Alex Cannon has not done sweet FA that is worth writing about, so for the ladies a few images and videos for your entertainment.

I know what your thinking ladies...who the fcuk is that woman kissing him!!??

Week 3Every woman in the house loves him. Most of the guys in the house are gay and they all love him... This guy could probably win! Nooooooooo. He will definitely be in the final 3.

Video -Vicky Questions Alex - Judge Geordie - MTV 

Week4. Personally, I think if push came to shove, you will really see he is not that nice of a guy. I can see a dark nasty side to him and only time will tell... 

Video - Alex Cannon
Oh, when Chelsea went up to him and told Alex he was the nicest guy he's ever met...well, Chelsea was just saying that because Alex is the only person in the house that Chelsea is afraid of and was just keeping him sweet so if it ever kicks off, Alex will be on his side.....Chelsea hopes! 

Can you imagine if he was not good looking yet had the same personality!? Well I can tell you he would have been classed as the most boring housemate ever and would have been evicted by now.

Poor EvelynConfessing her love for Alex is a waste of time.  He is not interested at all. Alex will remain young, free and single while in the house. I just wish he would man-up and tell her bluntly that nothing romantically will happen between them.

Week 5. Alex was voted by the public as being the "most forgettable housemate"...obvs... I think Alex is just on the show to show off his handsomeness and demand higher modelling fees and get more TV work and ain't that a fact. 

Alex must be thinking he could be the next James Bond lol.

Week 6.

Alex snubs Evelyn's advances when she tried kissing him in bed. #tote embarrassment.

More pics probably coming soon.. 

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