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Continued - Andrew Tate Pictures, Videos & Information 2016

Andrew Tate's Racist Tweets//as follows.

"Cheryl Cole is a massive ---- socket"
"----- the running final if i wanted to see black people running, id threaten them with jobs".

Video - Here is Andrew, in his own words why he got kicked out of the house.

Video - Big Brother's Andrew Tate whips ex-girlfriend with belt 


Video - Andrew Tate Fights

That's all........ for now folks......

BB Housemates 2016
Marco Pierre White
Laura Carter
Jackson Blyton
Georgina Leigh Cantwell
Sam Giffen
Ryan Ruckledge 
Hughie Maughan
Natalie Rowe
Jayne Connery
Chelsea Singe
Charlie Doherty
Jason Burrill
Andrew Tate
Andy West
Evelyn Ellis
The Jenson Twins
Lateysha Grace
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