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Continued - Andy West Pictures, Videos & Information 2016
Week 3. Ohh Andy, why do you keep getting into trouble!? Umm, because your just weird, plain and simple.

Most of the other housemates have called him sly, manipulative, and a Snake and I agree because that's how he's been acting, but, I think he IS a genuine, nice, kind person who would think about others more than himself, but he needs to change his DNA so he can execute what he's trying to do in a proper way. Or, maybe he needs an auto-cue which he's used to!

Prior to BB he was a BBC TV reporter broadcast, journalist but was fired.

The BBC suspended him because Andy, who is gay said he was "ashamed" to be an employee there when they refused to axe Boxer Tyson Fury from the Sports Personality shortlist due to Tyson's homophobic opinions.

Video - Andy West Reading The BBC News

Week4. Andy was surprised to say the least after his boyfriend entered the house during a special task. Andy was then proposed to and everyone was happy...for now. 

Video - Big Brother engagement Andy West's Boyfriend proposes to him in visit to the house


Ryan and Hughie pretended they were now engaged and Andy became very angry and upset with them only because he thought that they would have stolen his thunder as he wanted to be the only gay in the village/house to be newly proposed.

Andy is still a potential winner...How he continues to play the game only time will tell.

Andy had a secret task which he pulled off perfectly and very funnily. It looks like he does have a good sense of humour. 

Week 5. All of the housemates dislike Andy except Jason. I think Andy will be in the final 3 along with Jason.

News flash.....more info about Andy appears above.

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