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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016
Welcome to the Celebrity Big Brother house: Checkout all the gossip, pictures, videos and information about all of the "famous" faces. Revealed: The truths, the whole truths and nothing but the...

Christopher Biggins. aged ancient and Jack of all trades. Biggins said he would do anything to win. Hates bullies. Likes a tidy ship. His game plan is to be himself. If he were Prime Minister for the day, he said he would ban all cyclists. Never gets depressed and always see the good side of things.

Sarira Khan
aged 46. Loves the telly. She says she can't help being honest. Shes never been known for walking away from an argument. If someone slapped her she'd slap them right back. Shes a clean freak and hates sharing toilets with men. Her husband said her best asset is her bum. If Saira had a super power she's wish she was invisible.

Frankie Grande
is half-brother of the singer and actress Ariana Grande. Frankie has already been on the American version of Big Brother. He says he loves the camera. loves glitter. He said people get annoyed with him for singing and dancing first thing in the morning. He said he will cut throats to win. Hi ideal housemate would be isla manili and would like to become President and speaks French.

Norwood, aka FatBoy and former Eastenders actor. He said hes good and funny and being nice is a strength. He loves woman and is a lover not a fighter. He said his game plan is to be cool and calm and just laugh. If he had a super  would have healing powers and have claws.

Renee Graziano. 
TV show Mob Wives. Loves fcuking swearing. Shes the daughter and family of the mafia. Renee says she has no filter and says whats on her mind. Fcuk with her and she may put you in a trunk. She also said shes very caring but don't get on the wrong side of her. Her biggest pet heave is dirt dished left on the table and has never taken a bus or train.

Marnie Simpson.
From the TV reality show Jordy Shore. Loves to argue. Marnie is bi-sexual. She will go for the guys and any woman she fancies in the house. She said she has the best Virginia in Newcastle. Wants fun and a laugh in the house and up for breaking the rules. She claims to have seen UFOs and has a massive crush on Simon Cowell.

James Whale
aged 40.  Known for being a long running radio broadcaster. He said men and woman can never be equal. He and Nigel Farafe are best of friends. He said hes not going onto the house for a rest and money, not for poeple to shout at him. James is a big fan of field archery which he does with Eastenenders actor Shane Ritchie

Aubrey O'Day, aged 32 and a Multi Platinum recording artist and former member of the girl group Danity Kane. She said shes not superficial and very compassionate. Woks hard for everything she's earned. Would not want to see . She ,met the Dalai  Lama and Nelson Mandela.

Stephen Bear from EX On The Beach TV reality show. He said people get hypnotised by his eyes. He said he was not the cleverest at Skool. Believes in aliens and that the World is flat. He's said hes fun and courageous and a talker not a walker. He said he will win the show because he just "says how it fukimg is". His ideal housemate would be Peter Pan.

Katie Waissel, A former Former X Factor contestant. Says she is not away with the fairy's and quite normal. She is a radio show host. Katie said she wants to show people what its like being 30. Her embarasing moment was getting her head stuck in a chair.

Lewis Bloor is 26 year old and former Towie reality Star. He said hes a lady's man and very single. He said he's not out to be everyone's pal and if anyone gives him jip, they will get some back. Said he don't take any $hit from anyone. He wants to be a personal trainer and his best possession is his mum.

Grant Bovey, best known for his marriage to TV presenter Anthia Turner. He said he has lots of regrets like the hurt of his 1st wife and Anthea. He said he has a fighting spirit and has been around the block. He said he can guarantee bringing humour and wisdom to the house. His hero is Nelson Mandela. His biggest phobia is Spiders.

Chloe Khan, Playboy playmate and former X Factor contestant. She loves her 32hhh boobs. She said that females get insecure around her. Khan said she won't be doing the dishes while in the house. Chloe said she thinks she looks most like Kim Kardashian and hates feet.

Heavy D, aka Colin. Newell.....BOOM, from the reality show auction hunter. He used to be a market stall holder selling woman's clothes. He makes al, his own clothes. Loves fashion, dancing and singing. He said he will be the leader of all the plums in the house. He claims to be a good Tennis players

Samantha Fox. former page 3 girl and "singer" Fox said she helped a lot of young men grow up in the eighties. Fox said it's going to be a challenge going in CBB. She won't take no $hit from anyone in the house. Her ideal housemates would be her mum and Sharon Osbourne. Her nightmare housemate would be Freddie Star.


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