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Continued - Chelsea Singe Pictures, Videos & Information 2016
Chelsea offered to take out yet another housemate to a club, saying "I will have my bouncers there. Well, with an attitude and barnet (hairstyle) like his, he'll need them. However, when I go out (with my mates),  I don't look or act like a c&$t to need body guards.  

Video - Chelsea and Marco Break Out Of The BB House.
BTW Chelsea, saying the F word every 3 words and being rich does not make you hard OR a gangster!! 

3rd week. Chelsea has a power trip during the office task. Chelsea actually thinks he was an actual real boss and they were his real employees. It just goes to show you what he would be like if he was your boss.

Week 4. Chelsea has proven to be a nasty piece of work Manipulative and sly. Disrespectful to woman and a lame game player. Will never win.

During a conversation with Jackson, Chelsea said the following...

"I'm getting like a pressure cooker. The stress builds up and you see things you hear things you see things you hear things and you think fcuk it, Bosh. I just hope I don't get to that point because if I do man and man is gonna get beat up in here, believe me. Cameras or no cameras. See I don't business, you know the score, It's street all the way"......   LMFAO.... 

Chelsea has been evicted during BBs annihilation task where most of the housemates chose to evict him.

Final thoughts It just goes to show that money cannot buy you class, style / decent dress sense, and your definitely not "down with the kids".......Now get back to being a bossy, show-off businessman.


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More Chelsea stuff coming soon.

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