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Continued - Evelyn Ellis Pictures, Videos & Information 2016

Week 3. Evelyn must be an only child. She is so immature she thinks the less clothes she has on, the more entertaining she'll be. That's how daft she is.
I hope that Jackson starts flirting with her, just so Georgina will get angry while watching.......but from home lol as she's now been evicted.

Let's face it. Evelyn is more suited to Jackson. She's fitter and funnier than Georgina.

Video - Big Brother Laura Carter and Evelyn Ellis Kiss Topless- VOLUME WARNING - MARCO'S VOICE!


I don't know how old she is but she has the mind of a child! 

Remember the first day she entered the house she played a joke on the Jenson Twins by pretended to choke on some food which is a complete no no! Never cry Wolf especially like that!

Evelyn has been trying to literally get her leg over Alex, knowing full well he is not interested in her, but Evelyn does not care because she knows that it makes good TV as she has previously been called boring.

Week 6. Well done girl for trying to woo Alex without success..obvs..and also for calling out the fake-ass Jackson

Alex snubs Evelyns advances when she tried kissing him in bed. #tote embarrassment.

More stuff to follow....

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