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Continued - Jason Burrill Pictures, Videos & Information 2016
Week 3. It's now time for Jason to ask BB for a restraining order! Jason is under too much pressure from his X girlfriend Charlie who keeps pestering him to be her boy friend again, and not taking the hint to fcuk off.

I don't know when but he's gonna crack soon! 

Video - Jason Tells The Housemates about Charlie.
Jason reminds me of an action man. Won't do anything unless told to or forced, and I think Charlie wants to be his Barbie again but Jason would rather throw her on a cooking Barbie.

Video - Charlie Still Not Getting The Hint

Week4. Charlie still thinks they can get back together again which will never happen in a million years. Charlie should accept that fact and gracefully move on instead of looking like a possessive moron.

Jason is very happy that Charlie has been evicted. Now he can calm down and enjoy his BB experience.

Week 5. The girls waste no chance in getting close to Jason now jealous Charlie has left the house.

Week 5.  Well done Jason who is keeping it real by nominating Lateysha who he wanted to although the others wanted him to evict Jayne.

All the housemates have been greedy during the previous tasks and Jason has not!  He even sacrificed a one-on-one with his Dog.! That's how unselfish he is and he WILL be in the final, probably along with........Ryan or Andy.

More follows soon.....

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