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Continued - Lateysha Grace Pictures, Videos & Information 2016
 Lateysha  - Modelling Pictures - Bikini - Dress

Week 3. Lateysha has been true to herself and other than going OTT when she's annoyed, I am liking her another potential winner. The only thing that will bring her down is annoying people or thinking about her baby.

Video - Lateysha, Andy and Georgina Gossiping - snog, marry avoid.

Video - Lateysha Grace Feat D-Jukes You Beautiful 


Video - Lateysha's Bum Notes - The Valleys, Season 2  


Week 4. Lateysha is a very beautiful full figured woman but boy, when she dances, or try's to be sexy, it does not work for her. No sex appeal what-so-ever. Sorry Teesh.

Week 5. Aww, Lateysha was chosen to be evicted by Jason. She said she knew he would pick her, so I don't know why Teesh started having a go at him even after giving her full, frank and honest reasons.

OMG, Teesh was on BBOTS and Ryan asked her to do some twerking and had a twerking fail. lol.

Coming soon.. Lateysha goss..


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